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360° Creative Digital Marketing Studio

We create outstanding websites and digital marketing services for early & growth stage businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa.

From quarterly campaigns, to weekly blogs &  24/7 social media management – we tailor our digital content marketing services to meet your goals and needs.

Thanks to laser-accurate targeting, cutting-edge creative, analytics, and automations, our 1stContent paid media, content marketing, and SEO marketing services provide results that are unmatched. 

In order to help our clients reach new audiences, convert prospects, and outperform the competition, we advise, train, and assist internal marketing teams. 

If you’re looking for the perfect marketing services,  digital marketing consulting, or training to help yu do it yourself, partnering with us is a choice you will be hapy you made.

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High-Quality, Consistent Digital Marketing Services

  • Expert writers and marketers available for you around the clock.
  • Bespoke content solutions tailored for your goals and needs.
  • Content creators with deep insights into key social media channels.
  • Digital marketing services underpinned by marketing data.
  • Content created considering both customer personas and SEO.
  • Value-added content creation for both B2B and B2C brands.

Content Marketing

Become a brand your customers can trust. Provide creative and unique content that converts viewers into customers.

Social Media

Your customers are on social media. Social media is crucial in reaching new audiences with engaging content helping you build trust and authority.

SEO & Paid Search

Supporting you in maximising the Search engine positions and pay per click campaign ROI.

Website Development

Website design with search engines and customer conversion in mind.


1stContent Digital is a premier digital marketing agency that is powered by data insights and content. We take great pride in delivering specialist SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media, website design and development, and marketing consulting from across the world to create outstanding results for businesses like yours.

Our team have years of digital marketing experience and have run hundreds of successful projects. They come from successful marketing firms, top ecommerce organisations, and outstanding B2B enterprises, bringing an extraordinary combination of creativity, analytical thinking, and insight with them.

As a digital marketing agency who have worked with startups for the past 15 years, we understand the unique circumstances of the startup world. We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We have been part of founding teams for Fintech, SAAS, Consulting, Reniewable Energy EdTech and Education businesses. We understand what it takes to get your business on the map.

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Our Soapbox

What Is It Like To Work With a Digital Marketing Agency?

Our clients have commented on their experience of the 1st Content Digital team being refreshingly honest, creative and transparent. We believe dealing with a digital marketing agency should be straightforward and easy.

So we made this FAQ. It’s designed to assist you learn about our services, how much it will cost, and what to expect from us. We’ve answered frequent inquiries to show you how we work. Contact us if you have any questions about our service.

We worked as independent entrepreneurs and marketers until 2016 when 1st Content Digital was born. Different too many other agencies, we started as we were getting requests for our services from people we worked with before.

The name 1st Content, came from the face that we have seen an increasing influence of high quality, original content across 99% of successful digital campaigns and businesses behind them.

As a 360 digital marketing agency, we deliver integrated service to our clients. So much of the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns rely on what else the business is doing, and how well other parts of a campaign is performing. SEO for instance rely on the performance of your website, content marketing and social media. We offer a wide variety of digital marketing services, including strategy development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and biddable media, social media, content marketing, and data and analytics.

We have digital marketing packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. For instance, we can treat Pay-Per-Click advertising or social media marketing as individual services. Alternately, we can provide an integrated digital marketing service that makes use of a combination of our individual offerings in order to maximise efficiency. This page details our comprehensive digital advertising service.

In contrast to an employee who possesses a general understanding of digital marketing, our team of digital experts is comprised of individuals who are each an experienced and accredited specialist in their respective field of digital marketing.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and biddable media, social media, content marketing, digital strategy, and data and analytics, our specialists are industry leaders. Our team members collaborate and share their knowledge with one another with the assistance of an expert in digital strategy to ensure that all of your digital channels function in conjunction with one another in a joined-up manner and accomplish more for you. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, delivering skills that you simply cannot reproduce in-house, and this is how we like to be viewed by you.

Since we first began, 6 years ago, we’ve made the conscious decision to do things in our own unique way. Start-ups a different to other businesses and as a team who have been involved in our own start-ups on multiple occasions, we understand the that a different approach is needed.    We have chosen to concentrate on expanding and improving our digital marketing services for start-ups rather than diversifying to supporting larger businesses. 

Because of this, we have become genuine authorities in our profession and are completely current with the developments occurring in the sector. We are able to offer you an unrivalled digital marketing solution, which is something that many larger, full-service advertising companies are unable to do.

We ask that you commit to working with us for a minimum period that is determined by the scope of your project and the goals you have set. This affords us the opportunity to collect data, conduct analysis on it, and devise a plan that, once put into action, will begin to produce the outcomes that you require.

Following that, the agreement will be on a month-to-month basis. We are not interested in keeping our customers under contract for an extended period of time. Because we are providing you and your company with successful outcomes, we would like for you to continue working with us.

Our high rate of repeat business is something that makes us very proud. we re actually still working with some of the clients we started with in 2016.

The price we quote is the price you pay, as long as the scope of the project remains the same. The predetermined amount we charge each month for our retainer covers all of our work. You will, however, be responsible for covering the cost of any biddable media expenditure, including but not limited to Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads. This is a different charge from the management fee that we agree to. 

When determining their prices, competing agencies will typically take into account the differences in the breadth and depth of the services they offer as well as their levels of experience. A service that costs R2,500 per month, as opposed to one that costs more than R15,000 per month, is probably not going to be as effective or as complete as the more expensive one.

Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the deliverables that correspond to the costs that the digital marketing businesses have quoted you before accepting their estimates. When it comes to what we promise to deliver within the allotted amount of time, we at Loom are always open and honest with our customers. According to our past findings, a significant amount of time is required for us to produce the highest quality outcomes that are feasible. We are aware that if we provide a quote that is lower than this, then our performance will not meet expectations.

Yes, the 1st Content Digital team is responsible for the delivery of each and every one of our services. When we require assistance with a project, we tap into our reliable network of graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, and video producers to assist us.

These professionals have experience working on projects that can help improve your digital marketing activities.

Understandig you and your busienss is a key priority for us when starting to work with you.  

In order to devise the digital marketing plan that will be most successful for you and your company, we spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and your company. Our Digital Marketing Agency can only be effective if we clearly understand your business  before your project starts.

We accomplish this by speaking with you and the rest of your team during the kick off meeting for your project. We hope to learn as much as we can about the company during this meeting by questioning you about your offering and through other research-based activities.

Aside from that, we conduct a great deal of research about your sector and spend a lot of time analysing data from both the outside and the inside of the company. We ‘listen’ to your audience on social media to get a sense of the things they expect from your company, and last, we take an in-depth look into your competitors and what they’re doing online to see how they’re using the internet.

All of information contributes to our becoming more knowledgeable about your company and the field in which it operates.

 This assists us in getting a deeper understanding of the work that your company does.

When you start working working with us, we’ll arrange a kick off meeting with you and your team. This meeting gives us the opportunity to get all the information we need to put together our initial 6 month digital marketing strategy.

This strategy will outline when and what we plan to deliver. It’s a comprehensive plan that outlines what aspects of the project will be delivered over and the dates you can expect to see them. We update and refresh this strategy every 6 months (or less) so you’re always in the loop about when you’ll see deliverables from us.

This will depend on the channels you utilise, the competition you face, the amount of money you have available, and the condition of your website at th start of your project.

Nevertheless, as a general rule, you should start to observe an improvement in your primary KPIs and goals as well as an increase in online visibility after the first three months have passed. This is due to the fact that the first three months are focused entirely on the creation of a digital strategy and the laying of the groundwork for a successful long-term project. 

Projects that use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and biddable media have a better chance of seeing results much more quickly because qualified online traffic begins to flow through immediately. Organic SEO services take longer to show results, specifically because SEO work away from your website takes more time and Google ranking algorithm takes longer to consider changes made on and away from your website.

This varies based on the size of your business and the areas in which you typically focus your attention as a whole. A digital marketing agency often employs the following individuals in the following roles:

Founder, managing director or managing partners are typically people who lead a marketing agency.

Account Manager: If you are a client, you can be given an account manager who is responsible for keeping you up to date and touching up with you regarding your projects.

Graphic Designer: Designers who mainly work with the creating of visual graphics for websites, marketing materials and advertising campaigns.

UX Designer: This is someone who specialises in user friendly website design.

Web Developer: Someone who works on the creation and optimisation of websites. 

Copywriters are people that write marketing materials such as blogs, articles, and the content of websites, as well as any other words that are utilised in marketing.

Social Media Marketers

Content Marketers are people work with the creation and distribution of content such as images, videos, gifs, infographics, white papers, opinion pieces webinars and events to help brands to form and maintain relationships with their target market. 

Data Visualization Developer:

The person who is responsible for the creation of these graphical representations is called a data visualisation developer. Their principal duties consist of producing visual depictions of data that are based on language in order to illustrate patterns, trends, or correlations between various points.

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