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What are SEO Consultants?

SEO consultants provide you with help and support to get your website to perform better on Google. Consult with one of our SEO professionals at any time if you require assistance with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts or if you are unsure how to further improve your website. We will clear up any questions or concerns you have, devise a plan, offer guidance, and make recommendations on how you can make the most of search engine optimization (SEO).

What Type Of SEO Consultant Services Do We Provide?

Our team of SEO consultants focus specifically on:

Technical SEO | On-page SEO services | Content SEO | Off-page SEO | Local SEO | Mobile SEO | eCommerce SEO | Video SEO

seo consultants in South Africa

If you are still wondering if you should use SEO consultants, we answer all your questions here

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What Type of Businesses Do Our SEO Consultants Serve?

Anyone who is responsible for optimising their own website or who works in an SEO department and wants to double-check if their efforts are moving the websites closer to the top of the search engine results might benefit from our SEO consultants.  If you need some help in terms of SEO but don’t want to sign any contracts with an SEO agency just yet, you may want to consider investing in one of these consultations. 

You should absolutely take advantage of our SEO consultants, regardless of whether you are currently working with SEO and aren’t seeing any impacts, you just don’t know how to start, or you are stuck and need some assistance to take your efforts to the next level.

Any business who want more traffic from a search engine like Google can benefit from SEO culsulting services. We do find that SEO for startups and small businesses  are especially beneficial as they have smaller marketing budgets. SEO help them to compete with larger competitors. SEO in South Africa is very competitive and using the right seo consultants can help your business to attract the right visitors to your website.

How Do Your SEO Consultant Services Happen?

As the client, you choose the specific way we can support you. You have a clear idea of your website and who yuo want to reach. You are also likely to know about any SEO-related tactics you might have tried before. On the other hand, we will make sure that you have the knowledge, expertise, and the tools that are necessary to take your SEO efforts to the next level. During the consultations, you will meet with one of our two experts; who you meet with will be determined by which of our two areas of expertise you are interested in.

Your preferences will determine the nature of the consultation, which can take the shape of a phone call, an email exchange, a conversation through Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet , or even an in-person meeting at our office. During this period, we will commit ourselves to carefully studying your website and responding to any of your inquiries.

What Will We Talk About?

During the session, we will address each any concerns pertaining to working with our SEO consultants, including the following:

Your Websites’ technical SEO:

  • What may be causing your website not to index correctly, if at all?
  • Can you please explain why your website does not appear in the search results in the correct manner?
  • Why is your website being featured for keywords that are not relevant?
  • Is there any advice that can be given on the modification of the website’s structure in order to achieve better results from SEO efforts?
  • How can we strengthen the internal linking?

SEO done on your site:

  • Which kinds of material ought to be developed for the website?
  • How do you go about selecting the appropriate keywords for your website?

Analysis of the competition:

  • Who do you consider to be your primary competitors on the search engine?
    Which of your rivals are visible in search results for terms while you are not?
  • How can you differentiate yourself from the other businesses in your field?

Your internal linking:

  • Is there any relevance to the present link profile?
  • How and where may you link in order to maximise the efficacy of the acts you take?

Why Choose 1st Content as SEO Consultants?

At 1st Content, we have a great deal of expertise working within a variety of markets and with a variety of content management systems. E-commerce retailers, local enterprises, and multinational websites are some of the clients we serve. We specialise in broad-based SEO, which strives to make use of the entire potential of websites and is presently the model that produces the best results for search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

We have experience working in a variety of fields, and we welcome the opportunity to tackle new problems.

Which SEO Tools Do We Use?

We make use of a wide variety of technologies, all of which have an impact on the outcomes of our work and provide us the ability to evaluate the significance of our efforts in relation to the development of the websites.

Tools like MOZ, ahrefs, GT Metrix and SEM Rush are old favourites. Tools will also depend on your website as CMS platforms like wordpress and Wix have more specific on mage tools whch we work with.

Other Questions You May Have

Consulting sessions with search engine optimization (SEO) experts are essentially sessions in which you will get all of your SEO questions answered. During consultations, you are able to bring up any and all issues that you have regarding your website and the SEO efforts that you are making, and while you have this conversation with the specialist, you are supplied with expert assistance and suggestions.

Anyone who is currently engaged in SEO activity and who wants to seek expert assistance may find that SEO consultations are the ideal alternative for them. If you have any concerns regarding the efficacy of your SEO efforts or are interested in the potential avenues you may pursue to make your website shine even brighter, the SEO professionals here at our company will be pleased to assist you. If you have worries about the performance of the website and want to start SEO but need to make sure what route will be best for your site, you can consider hiring an SEO consultant. This will be a wonderful place to start.

Depending on the professional you choose with, the cost of an SEO consultation lasting one hour ranges from R600 to R1000 per hour. Please be aware that the minimum amount of consultation time is two hours. This is because three hours is the ideal amount of time to properly investigate the status of your website and to thoroughly examine the SEO efforts.

Within a period of 6 to 12 months, search engine optimization ought to provide visible results. When we talk about outcomes, what we really mean is a quantifiable increase in traffic and the leads or conversions that come along with it. Any company that makes an investment in SEO should anticipate being able to observe success within this timeframe. This does not necessarily indicate that you will have accomplished your objective by this point, but any such company should anticipate being able to do so.

It is hard to provide a number that is applicable to all websites; the most that an SEO can do is provide an estimate that is based on their best guess after studying the performance of a website and the plan that is being presented for the website.

There is no getting around the reality that increasing your SEO will need some work on your part. It takes some time to “earn” a higher ranking on Google and the other search engines since their goal is to display the best possible result for each given search query. You have to work to get a high search engine ranking.

However, if you have the correct plan in place, a period of six to twelve months is long enough to allow you to see the impact of your SEO efforts and to be able to justify continuing investment into development.