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1st Content Digital Deliver SEO and PPC Services to Startups in Cape Town, Johannesburg and accross South Africa

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What Type of SEO Consulting Services Do We Deliver?

1st Content SEO Services is a International SEO Company situated in Johannesburg with a reputation in the market for delivering visible results and offering exceptional customer service. Our SEO Consultants are official Hubspot Certified SEO provider with over ten years of campaign success. We specialise in supporting startups and entrepreneurs as we belive in the power of dreams. Our clients range from Fintech to manufacturing, eCommerce to travel businesses.

Why is SEO Important?

Our objective is to assist businesses to be more visible on search result pages, in order to generate leads and gain customers.

The SEO and marketing programmes clients receive are developed to increase your company’s online visibility. Our in-house experts look at the digital assets of your website and those of your competitors.

Our focus is delivering SEO campaigns that work for our clients. If you win, we win.


How Much Traffic will SEO Generate?

The numbers below show how important it is to be on the first page of search results.

According to MOZ:

  • 90% of searchers only look at the first page of Google
  • 75% of searchers only look at the first 5 results.
  • The top-ranked page receives 40% of all traffic.
  • World-wide, Google processes 3.8 million queries per minute, equating to 228 million hourly searches, 5.6 billion per day.

South African SEO Services

Our SEO services in South Africa will give your website long-lasting organic search engine optimization results. Because we are passionate about SEO, we take pleasure in offering legitimate results, and our ideas and approaches generate a solid online profile. Depending on your target audience, we can target people in Cape Town or Johannesburg specifically or broader, national, or even global locations.

Read more about our SEO services or get in touch with us below for a free consultation on how we can help your South African business flourish online now.

We Always Start With a In-depth Analysis of Your key target groups and their Search Behaviour

When your target market searches online for the services, videos, courses information or products, they typically use search engines such as Google.

They enter a search term, and the search engine returns the most relevant results. You might not know which combincation of words your potential consumers are entering into search engines, but we can find this information through specific tools. We understand Google SEO and utilise modern, reliable technologies to determine what your target clients are searching for.

More significantly, we are able to ensure that your website becomes visible for these specific search terms.  This will result in your website out performing that of your key competitors. 

We understand the importance of traffic to your website and the role that SEO services play with this. We also understand apearing on a search engine for a specific search term might be challenging, especially in a competitive market.

Achieving long lasting search results for your business is a core part of the SEO services we deliver to clients.

Why Our SEO Services Are Just the Starting Point

Our team of SEO consultants know very well that your website not only need to attract visitors from search engines, but that it is even more important that you get them to convert to a subscriber, lead or buyer once they get to your website. Simply attracting new visitors to your website from a search engine will mean little if they dont take the next step.

For this reason, a core part of our search engine optimisation consulting services will be to optimise the page where the visitor lands on your website in order for them to take the next step. We call this conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and it will help your business to benefit more from the website visitors you receive.

Search engine optimization and persuasive inbound marketing are two of the most effective Small business marketing mehods, whether employed for B2B or B2C audiences 

As SEO marketing experts, we help you get your business off to a good start, increase website visitors and grow your customer base.

Contact us for a free conversation to see how we can help.

The technical aspects of SEO play a significant role in improving your website’s rating in Google. Slower site performance and higher bounce rates will result if you don’t have it. Google penalises websites with high bounce rates, or the percentage of visitors that instantly exit the site. Your website’s technical SEO is boosted by our method, which includes a thorough examination of all areas of your site’s design and development.

Achieving long lasting search results for your business is a core part of the SEO services we deliver to clients.


We Start By Auding Your Website

Your website’s performance will increase significantly once we do regular site audits on your site. Site audits allows us to analise the technical functionality of your website. It reports on the crawlability, speed, redirects, and blocked pages of every page it finds. It also shows you how well your site performs overall. Many technical SEO problems may be found in the report it creates.

The Internal Linking Structure Of Your Website

Our SEO experts will strengthen your internal linking structure in order to draw more attention from Google to the pages on your website that are most relevant to specific search queeries.

Your website’s internal links are all links that go from one page to another within the same website. Users and search engines alike rely on links to navigate your website’s content. Users utilise links to browse your site and locate the material they want to see. Your site’s links are also used by search engines to get around.

We Optimise Your Schema Markup

Using schema markup, we organise and implement your content to assist search engines interpret it.

Enhancing the rich snippets that appear below the page title in search results is a major benefit of adding schema markup to your HTML code.

Improving User Experience

We place a strong emphasis on improving page speed performance by using responsive design in order to provide a better experience for users.

The aesthetics of a website may be merged with search engine optimization (SEO) through the use of user experience design, which can improve usability and increase traffic. You may accomplish this by using graphics and video, utilising calls to action across the site, utilising clear headers, structuring and arranging material to make it easier to digest, or offering connections to additional relevant content on related topics.

Improving Your HTML Tagging Techniques

Your website’s chances of ranking highly can be improved with the strategic application of title tags, meta descriptions, and hreflang tags.

In reality of course, using SEO tags within HTML may significantly boost a website’s exposure in search engines. When a crawler from a search engine comes across your material, it examines the HTML tags that are present on your website. By providing these details, search engines like Google are able to better understand the subject matter of your content and how it should be categorised.


Optimisig of Sitemaps and Crawl Capacity

We make it easy for Google to index your site by organising your site’s structure.

Crawl Budget which was more recently introduced by Google is a measure of how many pages of a website Googlebot will crawl and index in a certain period of time. In general, a page won’t rank for anything if Google doesn’t index it. So if your site’s crawl budget is over, you’ll have pages that aren’t indexed on your site.

Look at what our South African SEO Clients say about us:

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 customer reviews.

South African Customer reviews:

5 out of 5 starsSEO Consulting for Global Executive Business School
“The SEO team at 1st Content Digital provided us with excellent service and results. They are helpful and efficient, always fast to answer our questions, and have been assisting us as we build and broaden our campaign. Highly recommended!”


5 out of 5 starsContent Marketing and SEO Services for Caban Group
“Awesome digital content and SEO services, highly professional and know what they are talking about!”
– Dave Romer0
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FAQ's About Our SEO Services

The practise of altering components of your website in order to cater to the requirements of a search engine is referred to as search engine optimization, or SEO. This implies satisfying Google’s algorithmic requirements in a way that enhances the user experience provided by your website.

Optimizing your website for search engines requires making changes to all parts, both on and off of it. The user experience, backlinks, and authority validation are all aspects that have been improved.

SEO is essential because it raises the visibility of your website, which results in a greater volume of visitors and a greater number of possibilities to turn those visitors into paying customers. Check out the search engine optimization (SEO) tools that you may utilise to achieve your ranking goals.

Because it incorporates traffic that you have earned, SEO is a superior option for businesses who are looking for a long-term approach. PPC is an advertising model that rewards you financially for traffic that is generated by other organisations, such as search engines or social networking sites.

Site audits scan your website and offers statistics on all of the pages it is able to crawl, including the number of pages that have difficulties, the amount of redirects, the number of pages that have been blocked, overall site speed, crawlability, and more. The report that it provides will assist you in locating a great number of technical SEO concerns that need to be addressed.

A link that goes from one page on your website to another page on your website is considered to be an internal link. When looking for information on your website, both your users and search engines will use the links you provide. Your visitors will utilise links in order to move across your site and get the information that they are looking for. The navigation of your site may also be accomplished via the use of links.

Accordion Content

Structured data, or schema markup, is the language that search engines use to read and comprehend the information on your sites. We use the term “language” to refer to a semantic vocabulary (code) that search engines use to describe and categorise online material.

Title tags, meta descriptions, and hreflang tags all work together to help your site rise in the search engine results.

In reality, adding SEO tags to HTML may significantly boost your website’s exposure in search results. An SEO crawler looks at the HTML tags of the site when searching for your content. Google and other search engines use this information to figure out what your content is about and how to categorise it.

The number of pages that Googlebot crawls and indexes on a website in a specified amount of time is referred to as the Crawl Budget. If a page is not indexed by Google, there is a very good chance that it will not rank well for anything. If the number of pages on your website is more than the crawl budget allotted for it, then some of the pages on your website won’t be indexed.

1st Content is a digital marketing business that provides all key marketing services, such as web design and development, pay-per-click advertising, content production and optimization, and social media management. 1st Content is a full-service digital marketing agency. We specialise in several services that can help you boost your return on investment (ROI), regardless of the method you choose to do it.

The following tasks are included as part of the SEO Services package:

  • On-page SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization Off-Page
  • Research on keywords and marketing strategy
  • All technical elements of SEO
  • Production of content (including guest blogging)
  • Website improvement where needed
  • The process of building inbound, exteral links (plus we will assist you with tactics of building links on a ongoing basis, even when we are not involved any longer)
  • All relevant Local SEO Services. These will be provided and might change according to the objectives that you have set for your company. For instance, while building an internet commerce firm, local SEO might not be as important as it otherwise would be.