7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

With current trends set to continue moving forwards, we are already seeing that the rolling 7 digital marketing trends are set to make a big impact in the way we are engaging with consumers in 2022.

7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

The effects of the pandemic have led to an increased consumption of social media, with e-commerce now more important than ever before. With the stay-at-home orders and promotion of local videos, people need a boost when it comes to word of mouth advertisement from acquaintances and family. This has certainly been noted in the demand for digital marketing services through the types of content requested by clients.

The best way to find success in this rising industry is to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends. Recent advances have ushered not just in customer demands, but also novel challenges.

What are the fundamental elements of content marketing in 2022? According to Climb Online’s study, there are five trends that will be game changers.

7 digital marketing trends that will shape 2022

In the year ahead, consumers will demand a meaningful connection with the brands they buy from. They want to invest in brands whose values align with their own. This is leading to an increase in peer reviews and word-of-mouth marketing, which are increasingly more important to companies.

Challenging the audience to produce content for your brand will emphasize their involvement and could lead to refreshed user-generated content. This user generated content approach has been giving momentum and is supported by research done by the content marketing institute

How social commerce is reshaping the world of marketing

Multichannel e-commerce means flexibility. There’s always some angle your buyers can’t access, whether it’s social media platform, phone app, instant messenger, or PDA. Include these channels on your site and take a step into the future of retail.

New technologies, such as machine learning and big data, remove friction points in the customer journey. You can also use these features to focus on and target products that will appeal most to different segments of your audience.


2020 saw brands innovate in digital customer service with augmented reality experiences, live shopping and NFTs. Brands are looking to innovating 2020 as well.

As we move into 2022, companies should consider new immersive user experiences that gamify their brand and encourage sharable user engagement. They should also adopt a lifestyle approach to keep up with young people in the digital age who are looking for triggers to share memories.


One of the key digital marketing trends in 2022 will be effective partnership with influencers using platforms, such as TikTok to increase brand awareness and gain customer loyalty.

To get the most out of influencer marketing, you must establish what your desired goals are and enlist the right influencers within your niche. There are two kinds of influencers: micro-influencers and nano-influencers. Micro or raisin sized influencers are usually on the lower end of pricing, but provide quality engagement with a potential reach of millions. Nano-influencers are said to be great for niche factories, as they have access to tight networks and offer services at


Consumers are increasingly concerned about privacy, but customizable features can help maintain transparency and provide increased engagement.

Influencer marketing is the biggest digital marketing trend for 2022. With a structured data and machine learning AI, you can make sure your brand’s marketing campaigns go viral. Thus, with Spotify Wrapped as an example, every customer gets unique, personalized content.

Personalized campaigns are about data analysis, insight and customer data. Design plays a major role in this even with personalized campaigns. Having pre-designed templates is convenient, saves time and saves money that would otherwise be spent on redesign costs.


In the future, we will be consulting Google for all of our search queries. This includes even our toughest questions, with more than 1.2tn searches processed annually. This has been a key SEO Services area for our team to focus on.

Featured snippets provide direct answers to users’ questions. Google’s featured snippets are the answers that Google highlights in a box at the top of the organic results on the search results page—also known as “Position Zero” in the rankings.

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence lead to smarter search, textual analysis, product recommendations and more. AI will impact digital marketing in seven major ways: building personalization intelligence that evolves with time, challenging the data supply-chain economics by providing fresh, tailor-made data much faster and cheaper than ever before, making it possible to match offline identities with digital profiles to build one seamless dataset.

In the case of the restaurant query, we’re offered a map with options to view all restaurants or limited search options. You can actually see ratings, prices, and can also find restaurants by style.

At 7markets, you can create custom content to engage with your audience. Generate attention-grabbing information to keep them reading more on your site and keep them on the first page in a Google search engine.


As the digital world continues to evolve, visuals will dominate online by 2022. By using graphics and imagery, you can stand out to consumers and get your important information across in seconds.

Visual content is effective at sticking in consumers’ minds and can convey complex messages, making it a key marketing strategy to help develop your company’s identity.

Visual search is bigger than ever. In 2022, you’ll have to populate your content bank with high-paced visuals and relevant posts in order to make it on the first page of a product page or Pinterest page.

Why not use your blog’s content in infographics, videos and more to attract more advertiser clients? That way, search engines can reach them quickly with less effort.

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