5 Incredibly Easy Ways of How To Get More Out Of Your Current Content

How to get more out of your current content marketing  is the question on every marketers mind. With engaging content at a premium, its value to the business is significant. We get it. Creating a constant stream of content to keep your blog and social media fresh, How To Get More Out Of Your Current Contentrelevant, and interesting can be tough. Especially if you’re a small business owner and don’t have a team of marketers to help you create it. Sometimes just getting one blog finished can seem like an accomplishment.

Luckily, there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you get even more out of your content marketing services. This way you can create more, while also saving yourself time, but still pulling in quality leads and developing your website’s SEO. Content repurposing has been a approach we have been able to use to great effect.

5 easy ways  of how to get more out of your current content

  1. Know Your Content Niche

First thing’s first: get to know what your niche already wants to read. This will help you create content that will already do well – because you’ll already know that your audience wants to read it. To do this, simply follow brands you admire, competitors in your industry, or other brands in a similar niche. Then take note of what content they share online gets the most engagement. It’s the same kind of content you’ll want to create for your own blog.

  1. Repost Original Content

We know, it takes a lot of time and effort to create just one quality piece of content. So don’t let all that time go to waste. Repost the piece of content everywhere and often. Just because you created that blog a week ago, doesn’t mean all of your followers or potential leads had a chance to see it – so make sure you repost content more than once.

  1. Share Well Performing Content More Than Once

While similar to tip #2, this tip refers specifically to Twitter. You need to make sure your content is getting the maximum amount of views it can. But this can be tough on Twitter, where the feed moves very quickly, and not all your followers are online at the same time. To combat that, don’t be afraid to share the same piece of content multiple times during the day on Twitter. This way, you maximize your chances of more people seeing, engaging and clicking on your content. Just make sure you vary the wording of each tweet, so you don’t sound repetitive.

  1. Use Old Content

That’s right – your old content is still good. If there’s a piece of content that did really well when you first posted it, feel free to share it again (even if it’s over a month old!). Better yet, update that same content to be relevant to today. This allows you to create a new, exciting piece of content – with half the effort!. A general example would be the additional value you can get from your blog posts. The infographic below is a basic guide on this approach.

How To Get More Out Of Your Current Content 1

  1. Use Different Content Formats

Content isn’t just a blog. Content can also be a slide share, a video, an infographic, a podcast, an image, and more. For our business to business clients for instance, face to face events, webinars, white papers and case studies are commonly compiled. Don’t limit your content to just words on your website. Reuse content by changing the format. This not only allows you to maximize its effectiveness, but may also attract readers who it originally didn’t before.

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