10 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing In Under 10 Minutes

how to improve your content

Are you struggling with the question on how to improve your content marketing? Do you feel like your blog isn’t pulling in the readers and exposure that you want? Do you feel like your blog isn’t pulling in the readers and exposure that you want?

Get ready to take your content to the next level – in just ten minutes flat. That’s right. We’ve pulled together some of the best ways to improve your content – and each tip only takes ten minutes or less to do.

Sound too good to be true? Try it out for yourself:

Tips on how to improve your content marketing

Make Your Headline a Question

You should already know this by now, but it’s so important we’re going to repeat it: headlines are the KEY to the success of your content. No matter how great or fantastic or mind-blowing your content is, if your headline is a lame one, no one is going to read it.

An easy way to create an interesting headline is to turn it into a question.

Which of these two blogs would you prefer to read:

Easy household fixes for common problems


How can I easily fix my common household problems?

We’re betting on the second one. That’s because, when faced with a problem, we think in questions.

Plus, as a bonus, blogs in the form of a question tend to do better on Google. That’s because when we’re Googling a solution for a problem, we tend to type in a whole question. So if your blog has a headline with that exact question – boom – they’ll be reading all about you.

Add Awesome Adjectives

Another way to make your headline pop is to add adjectives. Adjectives make dull, boring headlines turn into amazing, can’t-live-without-reading headlines.

Try it for yourself. Would you rather read a blog with this headline:

10 Cupcake Recipes For This Weekend

or this headline:

10 Super Cute Cupcake Recipes For Your Perfect Weekend

But don’t just stop at headlines. Experiment with putting in fun adjectives within your content too. This will help your content stand out from all the other content your competitors are creating.

Break It Up

Thanks to social media, readers are constantly being bombarded with information. Which means their attention spans have shortened. So if they open up your blog because you had a banging headline, to find themselves staring at a huge block of text that goes on forever, chances are that they’ll be bouncing right out.

To fix this, break up your text. Whether it’s using spacing in between your paragraphs, putting the content into topics, or formatting it in a new way. Breaking up your text will help make your blog not look so intimidating, and will encourage readers to actually read your content.

Make It Visual

An easy way to break up your text is to use photos. Not only that, but it will help guide the reader’s eyes further down your blog, encouraging them to read more.

Find some interesting images that relate to your blog and disperse them strategically through your blog. Better yet – overlap some quotes directly from your blog onto an image to entice your readers even more. Readers process images quicker than text, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Learn more about visuals and how to market your content through visuals in our blog.

List It Out

Another way to break up your text is to turn it into a list. Lists make your content feel more manageable for a reader, as well as allowing them to browse quickly through the content and decide if they find it useful to read.

As a bonus, putting the list number in the headlines is a sure-fire way to attract more clicks. Research has shown that readers absolutely LOVE headlines that include numbers.

Here’s an example:

Instead of “Pics Of Dogs Swimming” try “100 Pics of Dogs Swimming

Even though it’s the same content, readers will get more excited about knowing exactly how many pictures they’ll be getting once they click on the blog compared to the first headline.

Keep It Short

Have you ever started reading a blog and you just felt that their sentences never ended and kept rambling on for no reason, not giving you the reader a break to digest what was actually going on and you quickly got bored and lost interest in reading the rest of the blog and left it?

(See what we did there?)

Keep your sentences short. Keep them to the point. Don’t ramble. Keep it simple.

Your readers will thank you for it.

Answer Actual Questions

Next time you’re stuck on blog post to write, rather than spend hours researching topics, simply think about actual questions your brand is asked. Turn to your current customers and what questions they ask over and over. Now – answer them – but in blog form.

These questions are the same questions potential customers will be asking. And these are the questions they’ll be typing into Google. So if you have a blog post that already answers that question – then when they search, they’ll find you! Win win.

Promote It – Not Once, Not Twice…

But multiple times. Social media is a content marketer’s best friend, but if you’re only pushing your new content out on social media once, then forgetting about it, you’re missing out on crucial leads.

While you shouldn’t keep blasting out the same content over and over, if you spread out the timing of these type of posts, and mix up the way you promote it, then you could double your content’s exposure.

Next time you finish a blog, promote your content on social media as you typically do. Then schedule a tweet out for the blog later in the evening, but this time write about a specific stat the blog states. Then two days later, tweet out the same blog but with a quote straight from the blog. And then the following week, tweet it out again, turning the blog into a question.

The more often you promote your content, and the different ways you figure out how to promote it, the higher your blog’s reach will grow.

See how else you can improve your social media marketing to improve your content here.

Mix It Up

Okay – we may have lied – depending on your skills, this tip could take longer than 10 minutes. But it’s still an easy way to improve your content. And that is, using your blog content in new mediums.

Sometimes the best way to get your content across to your readers isn’t through text – it could be through a picture, a video, an infographic or more.

Look at some content you have and experiment with different ways you could reuse it.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people skip this. A recent study revealed that 69% of brands fail to make the grade when it comes to grammar. And bad grammar or spelling can be a HUGE turn off to readers.

Next time you finish a blog, take a 10 minute break from it. Go make yourself a tea. Go look at the emails you’ve been ignoring. Whatever you do, just leave your blog alone for at least 10 minutes. Then, go back and reread through it, checking for any misspellings or grammar errors. Maybe you’ll even see a better way to rewrite a sentence you previously struggled with. This tip – while it may seem obvious – can sometimes be the key to improving your blog and your writing.

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