Using Instagram for Your Fitness Brand? Here are 6 Easy to Use Tips

instagram for your fitness brand

As more individuals begin selling and promoting health and fitness products, through brands such as Beach Body and 21 Day Fix, it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively use Instagram for your fitness brand in order to stand out to potential customers.

To get your new fitness brand’s Instagram account off the ground, follow these six sure-fire ways to get you using Instagram like a pro.

Using instagram for your fitness brand

Shoot Great Pictures

This one is pretty obvious. Instagram is all about pictures. And if your pictures aren’t shot well, no one is going to like them, let alone follow your account. Whether you’re just using your phone or a camera, learn how to take the best pictures with it.

A few simple tips are:

  • Use the focus
  • Shoot in natural light as much as possible
  • Experiment with different compositions

But to really master the Instagram game, you need to do more than just take good photos. Make your pictures interesting so that they pop out of your followers’ feed.

Be Consistent

Instagram has some great filters and editing features, but you need to make sure the filters you choose are consistent for all your images. Keep your photos looking similar to one another by using similar filters and styles so that your followers can recognise your photos in their feed.

However, when using instagram for your fitness brand, consistency doesn’t just relate to how your images look, but also about how often you post. If you want to gather a large Instagram following, you need to continuously post images up on your account. Posting once then not following up with another post for a few days is going to bore your followers and lose traction with them.

Get Engaged

Just like on other social media sites, your  strategy for using Using instagram for your fitness brand won’t work unless you’re social. Find other accounts similar to your brand and begin engaging with their photos to draw attention of their followers to you. Go through their followers and begin following them. On Instagram, others are more likely to follow you back, making this an easy way to quickly increase your following.

Connect and engage with your following on a daily basis. Like pictures they’re posting, post motivating comments to anyone who is following a fitness routine. The more social you are on Instagram, the better your brand will do.

Experiment With Video

Video is an easy way to stand out in your followers’ Instagram feeds. And luckily for you, you don’t need to be a professional videographer to shoot great videos! Try creating a slideshow of pictures from over the past month or week, showing your fitness progress. Maybe do a shot by shot guide on how to create an easy and healthy recipe you want to share. Or maybe just simply shoot a video of yourself showcasing how to properly do a push up.

Experiment with different techniques and ways to incorporate video into your Instagram strategy and not only will it allow you to connect better with your followers, but it will also help your followers feel like they know you on a more personal level.

Get Personal

Which brings us to our next step – let your personality shine! Your personality is what makes you different from all the other fitness Instagrammers out there, so take advantage of it. Take a moment to think about what makes you uniquely, well, you?

  • Are you obsessed with your cat Fluffy?
  • Do you love the colour pink?
  • Are you a die-hard football fan?

Take those things and use them in your Instagram marketing. Showcase Fluffy in a picture of you doing your workouts. Create a collage of all your favourite pink fitness accessories you’ve created. Develop a fun workout routine that goes along with stats from last week’s football match. Whatever makes you YOU, put it into your marketing and you’ll quickly see your following grow.


Last, but certainly not least, is getting friendly with hashtags. Hashtags are vital on Instagram and unlike other social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, there is no shame in using a lot of them. Hashtags allow other Instagram users to find your pictures and account, but they also help you find others to connect with.

When first starting out on Instagram, take a look at popular hashtags that are being used in your fitness community. Taking a quick look right now, the most popular hashtags for “Beach Body” include:

  • #BeachBody
  • #BeachBodyCoach
  • #BeachBodyChallenge
  • #BeachBodyReady

If you’re a beach body coach, or you’re looking to attract those who are doing the Beach Body system, using these type of hashtags in your posts will help your photos appear to those followers.

Take a few minutes to research the most popular hashtags you want to target and figure out how to best use them within your Instagram posts. And don’t be afraid to use a lot of them – followers are not thrown off by a lot of hashtags, as long as those hashtags are relevant to the image.

And there you have it. These quick and easy steps will have you marketing your fitness products and program like a pro on Instagram. If you want additional tips, or would like to learn how to improve all your social media marketing, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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