Marketing For Fintech Startups: Using SEO to Improve Customer Acquisition

With Fintech Startups thriving in South Africa right now. Digital marketing services for fintech startups have become crucial in helping businesses to differentiate from competitors.

Don’t lose out on customers using Google

My expertise in marketing for fintech startups has shown me that smart SEO Services and copy optimisation are essential for organic growth and a top Google position.  As a result, my fintech marketing agency services firm focuses on SEO as the first point of call when it comes to user acquisition.

SEO Services and Marketing for Fintech Startups

Fintechs are always trying to establish a high-quality business from the start, and SEO, in my view, is the most effective approach to do it. SEO is certainly an integral part of Digital marketing strategy for a fintech startup.

Your business can grow naturally, boost quality visitors, and scale up in under a year if you combine it with other marketing methods like email marketing and social media strategy.

SEO as an essential piece of the puzzle when marketing for fintech startups.

  • The return on investment is significantly higher.
  • You succeed in achieving organic growth.
  • On the SERPs, you outperform the competitors.
  • Content optimisation for SEO is offered.
  • Developing Your brand.

Why is SEO Important in Fintech Marketing?

Return on investment (ROI): greater profits and benefits
You’ll see higher benefits and lower costs once SEO is driving growth.

Choosing which marketing channel to invest your budget in can be difficult, especially for a financial start-up with a limited budget. However, I always recommend hiring an SEO expert to develop a solid keyword plan for your company. It’s a surefire way to obtain more money without putting in a lot of effort. We find this specifically to be essential when marketing for fintech startups.

The following are some instances of a successful SEO strategy’s Return On Investment:

Reduced PPC expenditures: While SEO and PPC should both be employed in marketing for fintech startups, an SEO plan can help you better identify the keywords and search terms for your Google Adwords ads, lowering your PPC costs.

Converting organic leads to sales is simple as:
Bounce rate is reduced as a result of SEO.
Because the finest SEO strategies are built on reliable PPC data, the Google Adwords search queries report shows you which terms have converted.

By lowering the bounce rate, SEO is believed to increase customer retention. It responds to typical consumer questions and provides high-quality solutions.

You are able to grow naturally.
As a business  we have a strong a track record in marketing for fintech startups, specifically in the establishing of brands and improving customer acquisition.

We work with existing Fintech companies to help them grow organically, both in terms of leads and branding.

How are we going to accomplish this?
By knowing who you’re talking to, you’ll be able
Creating a powerful value proposition that represents your company.
Creating and designing websites that not only look amazing but also convert.
Assuring that the website’s technical and keyword strategies are optimised for SEO.

Most Fintechs start with the same goal in mind: to grow quickly. This, however can be costly. SEO, in our experience, produces the finest results, but it is a method that requires time and patience. We always recommend using a combination of marketing methods, such as PPC, in conjunction with an SEO strategy.

When you rank high for relevant searches and inquiries, you will see how SEO benefits your fintech startup. You may make it easy for potential users or customers looking for your services to find you by optimising your on-page copy and content.

Your business develops as your traffic grows.

By keyword optimising the website and creating SEO content to complement your SEO plan, we will increase your website’s organic growth and organic traffic typically within a six to eight month period.

You will outperform the competition on Search engine result pages (SERPS).

The Fintech and financial services industries are, without a doubt, very competitive. Many companies in this field provide the same or comparable services as other fintechs, but with a different marketing message. 

How can you compete and enter into an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into?

You may outperform your competitors on Google if you have the correct keyword strategy in place. A keyword plan, based on terms from Google Adwords and your PPC campaigns, is a certain way to beat your competition to the top of the rankings.

In order to learn who your competitors are and the broader market you’re participating in, SEO is also crucial to a Fintech startup.

Our SEO audits comprise competitor analysis, which is an examination of the keywords for which they are ranking, as well as an examination of how you might compete in the market and achieve your goals.

Optimising your content for SEO

SEO is more complex than just looking up keywords that people search for on Google. It also includes content and copy optimisation. SEO still today is one of the channels with the highest ROI in marketing for fintech startups.

  • Your website’s content will be created around the keywords you want to rank for.
  • We then create SEO landing pages based on these keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Based on your keyword strategy, we optimise and refine existing website copy.

As a specialist SEO agency, we provide clear instructions on the SEO content strategy, which is centred on themes people are searching for rather than keywords. This strategy ensures that your material is useful and relevant to your audience.

We don’t only supply keywords; We’ve devised a method to help your Fintech startup become the number one search result.

 One of the key tactics used at the start of the engagement  is the examining of your website copy and optimising it in accordance with the SEO plan we create expressly for you, as well as creating fresh SEO material.

Developing Your Brand

Link building, which is critical for brand creation in Fintech, is an SEO approach that is sometimes overlooked.
Internal link building is simple, but external link building is more difficult because you require a link from another website.
 My team and I will build relevant external links to your website and expanding its online visibility by collaborating with well-known websites in your market.

Your brand will not only earn trust and brand awareness as a result of our campaigns, but will out perform your competitors for selected search terms we identify.

All of this is possible thanks to the right SEO strategies and link development.

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