Content Marketing Short Course

Development & distribution of captivating content that attracts new audiences, and drives conversions is an essential marketing skill.

With this comprehensive content marketing short course and certificate, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get more visitors to your website without wasting any more time or money. This is more than just a course; it’s a tool.

On-Page SEO is a must for any website. When it comes to your keywords, though, how do you do in the search engines? This is the next step up in terms of content marketing education.

This short course in content marketing will enable your businesses to improve your capabilities and create campaigns that outperform your rivals. As a result of our in-depth short course in content marketing, you can expect a significant increase in your company’s bottom line. 

We’re not just a marketing agency. Everything we’ve learned goes into the work we do and the short courses we provide. This means that our case studies for both national and international rankings using Content Marketing are plentiful real world cases where we did the work. There are numerous actual case studies used in the course (and in all of our courses).

Our short courses are customised based on your business and the current skill levels of your teams.  

Starting with outlining key content marketing concepts and approaches, we dive into the strategic side of content. Data and audience knowledge will help you establish a clear content marketing plan that is aligned with your company’s objectives.

Your content campaign will have a clear concept if you have an effective strategy in place, and you can use several ideation strategies to get there.

Finding inspiration for audience relevant content which informs, entertains and converts is crucial.  Whether it’s a simple blogging hub or an interactive design and development campaign, the design of your content campaign is crucial.

For example, you will learn how to develop your content campaign in order to attract your target audience and achieve the greatest possible reach.

One of the most crucial facets of digital marketing in the modern era is content marketing. but not all content is created equal.

We look at the use of the three different types of content, including branded content and user generated content (UGC) and how to leverage different types of content during different stages of engaging with your market.

Content helps achieve corporate and social media goals like brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement, and lead generation. It helps you become your clients’ go-to source for entertainment, information, or inspiration. Effective content helps you develop long-term relationships with your audience, which increases revenue. Social media marketing involves developing customised web content to promote your business.

Knowing which social media networks to utilise, when, and what content to post will affect your outcomes.

Become a master of digital selling and social media with this unique training opportunity. A wide range of new social media tactics and tools will be taught to you so that you can find, target, attract and engage prospects, close sales, and build deeper post-sale relationships with your customers.

When it comes to buying, things have fundamentally changed. The use of digital sales tools and the use of social media can help you deliver your message.

Learn how to appear in your target’s social media feeds. The goal of social selling is to build a network of buyers by creating and curating content.

The creation and distribution of content is intrinsically linked to search engine optimization. SEO without content marketing is like having a body without a soul.

It will become clear from the case examples we discuss how SEO is based on content marketing because every website necessitates the inclusion of text (in the form of articles, blog posts, white papers, and the like). Both must work together in order to be successful.

Too often, content marketers say they can’t accurately measure their results or a tactic isn’t measurable.
Your business’ growth depends on analysing your content marketing campaign. Analyze campaign success.

We cover four metrics that help marketers understand how content impacts business. We’ll look at each category’s key metrics and show you how to use them to achieve your business goals.

Key benefits of the content marketing short course

Content marketing comprises a wide variety of key marketing activities, such as design, development, copywriting, SEO, content promotion, etc.

Our customised training in content marketing is developed according to the individual needs and resources of each participant, guaranteeing that they acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to expand their content strategy.

This content marketing short course comes with a certificate from the Global Executive Business School to acknowledge the achievement of completion.

Our partnership with GEBS is not only a huge credit to our team but offers additional academic value to participants on all digital marketing short courses

If you select 1st Content Digital as your training provider, you will receive training that has been crafted specifically for you and will be delivered by an experienced member of our team.



It’s no secret that 1st Content  Digital has a long history of successful digital marketing campaigns. Now you can benefit from all our know-how

As an industry leader, 1st Content Digital regularly develops high-performance content marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

This means we are in a position to provide value at all levels. Customised short courses for businesses and contributions to digital marketing-related courses at educational institutions like the GEBS fall under this category.

As an added benefit, all of our short courses now include certificates from the Global Executive Business School (GEBS).


The knowledge and insight you will gain from taking a content marketing short course with us will be applied directly to your own business.

In addition to award-winning digital marketing services, our team of experts provides training to our clients. With your input, we’ll design a training programme that is tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Once the requirements for the training have been settled, we can conduct the training at your location, in our offices in Johannesburg, or at a location of your choice. We also have the ability to deliver the training digitally, through platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, or Google Meet. This makes it possible for your team to participate, even if some of its members are unable to travel.

Each presentation is accompanied by a slide deck, and you will receive this, as well as any other supporting materials, to use in your own company. This means that you will be able to share it not only with your current team but also with any future colleagues you may have.

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