Digital marketing short courses for entrepreneurs in South Africa

The world of  digital marketing is constantly changing so based on the many requests from our clients we have created these digital marketing short courses for entrepreneurs in South Africa (and sometimes elsewhere).

For the people who work for you it can become a full-time job just keeping up with the latest techniques, tools, and algorithm updates we have in digital marketing. Ad to that the constantly changing consumer and business trends in media consumption and it quickly becomes clear why we offer these digital marketing short courses.

Hence, our bespoke digital marketing training for businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations, is what we do. We’re here to help you improve your digital marketing skills, learn more about the opportunities available to your business, or even start your digital marketing journey from the ground up.

digital marketing short courses

Having created our own comprehensive short courses for new members of our team, while delivering digital marketing short courses for businesses of all shapes and sizes over the years, we are well-equipped to work with you to develop a bespoke training programme for your business. Here are some examples of services we can provide. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss your specific needs.

Sculpting an effective digital marketing strategy means having a solid understanding of all areas of digital marketing and how best to make them work together. We’ll cover digital marketing strategy on a broad basis and hone in on the areas that are most likely to help your business grow.
Search engine optimisation lies at the core of many successful digital marketing strategies. All about helping users find your business when they need it, SEO is part art, part science. We’ll teach you best practice and equip you with the knowledge to take a forward-thinking approach to this ever-evolving discipline.
Pay per click advertising provide a wealth of opportunities for businesses at all stages of their online growth to build audiences and drive new conversions. The idea is that you should get more money back than you put in, and we’ll teach you how to achieve that across the vast number of platforms now available to you
Digital PR is all about crafting stories and content that help you achieve features in and links from the publications relevant to you and your customers. We’ll teach you how to craft powerful messages for maximum reach, with examples of successful (and non-successful) campaigns for inspiration.
The art of content marketing lies in a scientific approach to understanding your audience, crafting the right content and communicating information in a way that engages, educates and converts. We’ll help you come up with content marketing strategies relevant to your digital marketing stage.
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is all about turning traffic into customers. By encouraging users to take the journey you want them to take, you can drive more sales and better results overall. We’ll teach you how to analyse your website’s conversion rate, where to spot opportunities for improvement and how to run valuable experiments throughout the conversion funnel.
Understanding how your digital marketing is performing means investing in data. For most businesses, this means using a platform like Google Analytics to see how your site is attracting traffic and what that traffic does – spotting opportunities for improvement therein. We’ll show you how to conduct deeper analysis for advanced insight.


We deliver our digital marketing short courses at our offices in Johannesburg, or can come to you  in any of the major centres on arrangement. For those of you who are existing client, these short courses or workshops will support the work we are already doing with you.

Let us know how we can help you on an ongoing basis if you aren’t already one of our clients (though training is by no means a pre-cursor to investing in further work with us if your intention is to implement what you learn yourself).

You need to see a return on your investment with your digital marketing short courses. If you want to have a positive impact on your marketing strategy, you need to learn something you can put into practise. You only have to look at digital marketing jobs on local recruitment websites to see the high demand for digital skills. Our digital marketing short courses not only ensure that your team delivers better results, but it also becomes an attractive staff benefit.


It’s no secret that 1st Content  has a long history of successful digital marketing campaigns. We now bring our skills to you and your team.

Our experienced team create industry marketing campaigns, write content across numerous platforms, speak at national and international conferences and train organisations ranging from start-ups to growing businesses. Our 1st Content training days are memorable, interactive, and engaging. After each session, you can expect a long list of takeaways from our team.

Charitable organisations are eligible for a discount on our standard rates.


Contact us for a free conversation to discuss how we can help. Every business is unique and we understand that. We’ll work with you to learn about your business, your current position, and the best training programme for you. 

Your short course will be delivered based on what works for you and can take place at our office in Johannesburg, at your home, or at a different location with advance notice in any significant city around our lovely country. You will be given the accompanying slide presentation for each session as well as any additional materials, allowing you to share what you learn with future coworkers.

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